Export and Disable Exchange Mailboxes With Specific Attributes Using PowerShell

I have been working on archiving and removing a a little over 3000 Exchange Mailboxes that had been sitting since my client's move to Google Apps. Obviously, I didn't want to manually go through and export and disable all of the mailboxes, so I made a quick and dirty script which I thought I would share here. Emphasis on quick and dirty here. :)

Exchange Content Filtering

Content filtering built in to Exchange is kinda like free antivirus software. Big promises, but it never works like it says. It either blocks ham (good emails, opposite of spam) or not much of the spam. I use a third party content filtering service called GFI. I'm sure there are others out there, but I have little to no experience with them. If you do use a third party filtering service, you're going to want to disable the filtering built into Exchange, and here's how.

Outlook prompt to login using domain/username on start with Exchange

In this scenario I was using MS Exchange 2010 and all my domain users were being prompted to login every time they started Outlook. The web app was working fine, but as long as they used Outlook, they would be prompted to login and type in the domain name before their username. It turned out to be an autodiscover problem in IIS. This is how I fixed it...