2017 Ryzen Threadripper DIY Server Project

A dozen or so VMs exist on my network. Everything from my virtual router (PFSense of course), a Plex server, a Nextcloud server, as well as some world domination experiments. Muaahhhh ha ha! Up until the last few months, they have run on a VMware cluster consisting of a pair of Dell Poweredge 2950s that I had absolutely maxed out with 32GB of RAM each and 4 of the best Xeons I could find for that socket. Needless to say these were power hungry beasts, also, outdated.

Managing Office 365 Tenants via PowerShell; Connect-O365

When you work at a Managed Services Provider that handles a large number of customers in Office 365, it's an envitability that you will spend a decent amount of time working within PowerShell. This means that you'll be constantly connecting and disconnecting PSSessions between customers. Wouldn't it be great if there were a better way? This is where I started.

Standalone Hyper-V Server Part 2 – BIOS & RAID Configuration

As much as I love vanity pictures of a server being assembled, we are going to skip that and jump straight to the BIOS and RAID configuration of an assembled server. This is a very important first step when setting up any server. However, since this has already been covered by manufacturers and bloggers extensively, I will just be listing the checklist of items I always check with some basic guidance. If you aren’t familiar with 100% of these settings, that’s fine. That's what search engines are for! 

Standalone Hyper-V Server Part 1 - The Hardware

I'm finally getting around to my first post! This is a simple one to kick off a series of posts for setting up a Hyper-V server in a standalone configuration with an onboard raid controller. We will get into some pretty fun stuff later (think NIC teaming and virtual switches, optimal storage allocation units, and some fun powershell), but for now we'll look at a piece by piece hardware breakdown of a server I have actually deployed, and my selection criteria for each item. Let's get started...