Using Windows Server 2016 as a Workstation OS

Server 2016 as a Workstation

My workstation came with the abhorred beloved Windows 10, beset with ads from the Windows store, invasive data mining software (in my opinion) known as Cortana, and annoying pop-ups questioning if you REALLY want to use a browser other than Edge as the default. I have to be honest, Windows 10 seemed great when it first released, but with every update, it seemed to get more and more controlling, invasive, and resource hungry. I really don't see Windows 10 as a business/workstation OS.

PowerShell Magic - Add Department Property to Google User Export

Okay okay, it's not magic, but this is still a great use case for some quick and dirty PowerShell scripting. Context: Google Mail is unable to export a user list that includes the 'Department' field that is being synchronized from Active Directory, but I am being asked to take a google export of several thousand users from another group, and add the Department field from AD into the export. Fortunately, PowerShell makes this kind of task a breeze!

Using PowerShell to Remove Old AD Computers

A common problem I see at different businesses is a ton of computer objects just hanging out in Active Directory for machines that were removed from service a long time ago. Here is a quick set of powershell commands I use to get those removed quickly and easily! NOTE: you will need the Microsoft Remote Server Administrator Tools (RSAT) installed and enabled on the machine you are running this on in order to use these modules.

First, you need to make an array that has all of the old computers in it:

Admin Access Denied to Change Folder Permissions

Today I was trying to change permissions on a folder in Windows Server 2008 R2 and I kept getting an "access denied" error. I'm the domain admin, so it was kind of perplexed. After some researching, I found a very quick solution so I decided to post it. I tried taking ownership of it using the GUI, but no dice. All I had to do is open an elevated (right click and run as administrator) command window and take ownership of the folder by running the following command.

Crackin' the Case on a Ubiquiti Unifi Switch 24

One thing I love about where I work, is that we like to try out new products. (...and I should really start reveiwing more) One of the products we just got in, is the Unifi Switch 24. I haven't had a chance to play with any of the software like the web GUI or CLI on this yet, but as for the hardware, the build quality is amazing! So natually, I decided to take off the cover and see what it's made of.

Legacy IKEv1 Crypto Map VPN with VRFs

I recently needed to tie an old Cisco Small Business router from a partner company into our VPN topology. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the router on the other side and it only supported legacy IKEv1 (isakmp) crypto map style VPN tunnels. After a little research, I found a great blog post from Nicolas Meesen which details how to do this in most situations, and is definitely worth a read. Unfortunately, my scenario with the FVRF being an internet vrf, and the IVRF being the global VRF will not work with just his configuration. I was actually able to use Policy Based Routing to direct traffic to the correct VRF and achieve the desired result. I previously outlined how to use PBRs to route traffic between VRFs in a previous blog post, with the main difference in this scenario being that I also had to put a routing policy on the inside interface that would move the outbound traffic for this tunnel to the correct FVRF.

Poppin' the Lid off the Sangoma Phone System 300

FreePBX has been my go-to distro for CentOS/Asterisk for a long time now, and I've had huge success with past deployments. So when I first discovered that Sangoma is selling the hardware to go along with the software, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a piece, so I convinced my company to buy one to try out. Before my company bought one of these (Sangoma FreePBX Phone System 300), we looked all over online to try to find pictures of the actual hardware. Now that we got it in, we're a little dissappointed.

CPU Utilization Issues on Hyper-V 2012 R2 Guest VMs

Hello All,

I ran into an issue with CPU utilization in our Hyper-V guest VMs over the last few weeks. Every few days, one of our guest VMs would suddenly go to 100% cpu and stay there, occasionally even across reboots. What was really strange, was that the Guest OS didn't report any processes taking up the CPU usage. No matter what I killed, the CPU stayed at 100%.